Voluntary Industry Code of Practice

Allity committed to meeting the standards of the Aged Care Voluntary Industry Code of Practice (VICOP) in November 2020. Tomás Chubb, CEO, signed the leadership pledge as advocated by the Aged Care Workforce Industry Council.

What is VICOP?

VICOP has been designed for Aged Care Providers to continually strive for consistently high standards of service for older Australians through their commitment to 7 key principles:

  1. Consumer-led and community shared values
  2. Living well and integrated models of care
  3. Board governance
  4. Best-practice sharing and industry benchmarking
  5. Education and training, including workforce accreditation
  6. Workforce planning
  7. Proactive assurance and continuous improvement

The Code, which can be accessed here, aligns with and supports the achievement of Allity’s mission to make every day the best it can be for residents, families, advocates and carers alike.

Allity is committed to aligning our practices with the Code principles by June 2022 at the latest