Guide to Aged Care

Step by Step

When life’s day-to-day tasks are becoming increasingly challenging, we have the expertise to help you or a family member make informed choices about aged care to best suit individual circumstances. Whether the need is immediate short term assistance or long term care, we look forward to providing you with the guidance and forward planning to make the transition to care with confidence.

Our very simplified ‘step by step’ guide below provides a 5-point check list to help you understand the process.

Comprehensive information is provided by government agencies in the resources listed


What to look for when choosing an aged care home


  • What was the attitude of staff assisting you?
  • What training does the care staff have; e.g. are there Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Trained carers
  • Is there adequate staff to provide care overnight and on weekends?


  • What type of care or services are provided / not provided?
  • Were you able to look around the home, into a room and at all amenities?
  • What are the daily routines of the home?
  • What type of social / cultural activities are provided? Do you have choice and is there variety?
  • What are the meal arrangements – is there flexibility and variety in the menu
  • Can the home meet your medical and special needs (e.g. language, culture, religious observances, pets)?


  • Was the home fresh, clean and in good condition/repair?
  • Is there easy access to well- maintained outdoor areas?


  • Are single or shared rooms available to suit your preference?
  • Can you have your own private telephone?
  • Does it provide for couples who want to be in the same room?
  • What furnishings or personal items can you bring and what is supplied?
  • Are bathrooms shared or private?
  • Is there storage provided?


  • Can family and friends be involved in care and activities?
  • Can family stay overnight if needed?
  • What transport is provided to go on outings?

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