ALLITY TOPICKS | December 2019

Update on the New Aged Care Quality Standards

20 December 2019
By Glen Hurley, Chief Operations Officer


Exercise for people with dementia

A central theme under the new aged care quality standards is focussed on residents having choice and control over the provision of safe, quality care and services.

Amongst many things this includes obtaining resident input and feedback on both their clinical care, and their lived experience.

An important element of residents being able to exercise choice and control relates to 'Dignity of Risk'. This is the view that residents have the right to self-determine what reasonable risks they want to take in their lives, which is essential in maintaining their dignity and self-esteem, and that those choices should be supported in a balanced way in an aged care environment.

For all aged care providers, keeping every resident safe is a priority, all the while ensuring they are supported to take risks that enable them to live the best life they can. For Allity, this goes to the heart of our mission to make every day the best it can be for our residents.

Ensuring the right balance between autonomy and independence on one hand, and on the other, discharging our duty of care to protect them and minimising harm for other residents and staff is what we set out to do.

Our General Managers and the teams in our Homes actively consult and partner with residents and their families around what matters most to them in living a fulfilling life. Having the knowledge and clear understanding of these choices allows us to work together with residents and families to ensure everyone has the information needed to make informed decisions and evaluate the risks associated with their choices.

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