Consumers have a say about their aged care experiences

1 March 2019
By Janet Leung, Head of Brand & Marketing & Communications


Allity Aged CareA key function of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (previously known as the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency) is the re-accreditation of residential aged care services. A component of the audit is the gathering of consumer experiences by interviewing residents living in the aged care home that is being audited.

The tool used by the assessors is called the Consumer Experience Report (CER) consisting of 10 core interview questions that delve into the personal experiences of residents and/or family members relating to the quality of care and services. For each aged care home, the auditor aims to interview at least 10% of residents.

From 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018, the Commission conducted more than 15,000 interviews in over 1,100 residential aged care services and have published a report that highlight the insights gained from consumers interviewed.

While there is no doubt, as an industry, we have work to do to ensure we gain the confidence and trust of the public and more importantly, of our direct customers, it is promising that the overall the feedback received by the Commission on the quality of care and services across this 12-month period was positive.

The CER results are now available, along with information about how you can participate in future CERs on residential aged care services.

CarePage and Care Opinion: Your chance to comment

At Allity, we are always trying to improve the way we work. After a thorough internal review, it became clear that our customers wanted a greater voice and increased transparency as well as access to information.

This has led us to partner with two independent providers whose platforms allow our customers to share feedback in the way they feel most comfortable.


In November 2018, Allity introduced a customer feedback platform called CarePage which many of our residents and families have used to provide our homes with feedback and ratings on their experiences.

While there are standard surveys provided by CarePage, Allity specifically requested that the identical Customer Experience Report survey tool used by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission be included as part of our feedback system. This enables our homes to continually monitor our consumers’ experiences every month in the same way that the Commission would do every three years as part of the re-accreditation process.

To provide feedback, find your specific Home from the Allity website, click the CarePage Banner at the bottom of the page and start our Consumer Experience Report survey.

Care Opinion

Care Opinion is an independent, non-profit feedback platform that has been developed especially for customers to comment on health and social care services. Customers can share both positive and negative experiences that help to improve services.


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