Royal Commission Interim Report – what you need to know

20 December 2019
By Tomás Chubb, Acting CEO


Royal Commission Interim Report – What you need to know

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was established in October 2018 to determine the extent of the problems in Australia’s aged care system and how best to meet the challenges and the opportunities of delivering aged care now and into the future.

The Interim Report provides an update on progress and sets out the Commissioners’ overall view of the state of aged care in Australia. This is based on the thousands of Australians who have written submissions, spoken at community forums or given evidence at formal hearings.

The Report is titled “Neglect”, which is reflective of the Commission’s findings at multiple levels. This is a deliberately emotional and media attention seeking title/approach which is not reflective of the industry as a whole:

While there are no specific recommendations in the Report, three areas for action are highlighted:

  1. Reducing wait times for home care packages
  2. Curbing over-reliance on “chemical restraint”
  3. Stopping the flow of young people with disabilities from entering aged care

The Interim Report concludes that Australia’s aged care system needs fundamental reform and redesign, not just “patching up.”

The Final Report, due in November 2020, will recommend comprehensive reform and major transformation of the system. It will aim to chart a new direction for the sector, bringing a clear sense of purpose and of quality, and a renewed focus on compassion and kindness.

New Government funding

On 25 November, Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledged $537 million to increase home care packages, reduce the use of chemical restraints and removing younger people from residential aged care as recommended in the aged care royal commission's interim report.

The Government's response also includes $10 million for dementia training and support for aged care workers and providers, and $4.7 million to help meet new targets to remove younger people with disabilities from residential aged care.

Allity’s perspective

Allity fully supports the work of the Royal Commission and the need to improve Australia’s aged care system.

While the Government’s recent funding announcement is a step in the right direction, we still need a long-term solution that incorporates every Australian who needs aged care services, including the 200,000 people who live in residential care.

The delivery of safe, high-quality and person-centred care the heart of what we do at Allity and that’s how we will continue to run our Homes.

We do acknowledge that there have been a small number of occasions where our systems or people have not delivered to our own standards or consumer expectations. Where this has happened, we have been quick to address the problem, and hold ourselves accountable to the residents and families affected.

Importantly, we have always sought to implement new systems and/or processes to make sure we minimise the chance of any repeat incident.

Our team focus is to inspire and support each other to provide the best experience for our residents by:

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the great work and dedication shown by our employees daily in providing great care and support to our residents and making every day the best it can be.


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