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ABC Radio National 'Background Briefing' 

4 April 2019

Protecting our senior Australians and ensuring their safety, health, well-being and quality of life when they are receiving aged care is the reason Allity staff come to work every day.

The staff at Allity's Bayside NSW Home pride themselves on high-quality care and in its six years of operations as an Allity Home has remained in good standing with residents and with the Regulator.

Allity has clearly articulated procedures for responding to allegations of harassment or assault. These are comprehensive and well understood by Bayside staff.

The alleged incident reported to NSW police on 12 November 2017 in relation to Bayside resident Dorothy Major was the first allegation of its nature received by the Home.

On 13 November 2017, NSW police interviewed Mrs Major and her daughter, June Austen. The police determined at the time, there was no case to answer and did not take any further action. 




Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was announced on the 8th October 2018.

Allity is committed to assisting the provision of information to the Commission and believe this is an important opportunity to create a better system of care for our elderly Australians.

We encourage our staff, residents, families and members of the public to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have or for assistance via email address:

The Terms of Reference of the Royal Commission and how you can make a submission is provided on the Royal Commission website


4 April 2019

The Royal Commission will hold public hearings from 6-8th May and 13-17 May 2019 at the Lionel Bowen Law Building on Goulburn, Sydney.

The public hearing will inquire into:

• The perspective and experience of aged care residents and people living with dementia, and their family and carers
• Quality and safety in residential aged care, particularly for people living with dementia
• The use of restrictive practices in residential aged care
• How well the current aged care system meets the needs of people in residential aged care
• Good practice care for people living with dementia, particularly in the context of residential aged care.


5 March 2019

The Royal Commission will hold public hearings in Adelaide from Monday 18 March 2019 to Friday 22 March 2019. 

The areas to be covered include:

  • Perspective and experience of people seeking or receiving aged care services in their home, or their family members
  • Quality and safety in aged care in the home, accessibility to aged care in the home
  • The interface between aged care in the home and other care, sustainability and the future of aged care in the home
  • Other key issues affecting the functioning of the Australian aged care system as it relates to aged care in the home
    The regulatory framework as it applies to aged care in the home.


26 February 2019

Dr Timothy McEvoy, Senior Counsel Assisting the Commission indicated that the next round of hearings will begin in Adelaide on 18 March 2019, which will focus on home care and the community. The next block of hearings will begin in Sydney on 6 May 2019, and will focus on residential aged care, including quality and safety, and dementia.


13 February 2019

The Royal Commission commenced public hearings on Monday 11th February and will conduct hearings in all capital cities and a number of regional locations.

The Commission anticipates hearings will take place in the weeks commencing: 18 March, 29 April, 6 May; 13 May, 17 June, 24 June; 8 July, 15 July, 29 July, 5 August, 9 September, 8 October, 14 October, 4 November, 11 November and 9 December 2019.

The location of each hearing will be announced progressively during the year as arrangements are finalised.

Transcripts of hearings can be accessed here


18 January 2019

The first Directional Hearing was conducted in the Adelaide Law Courts on Friday 18th January which outlined how the Royal Commission will operate. 

The first public hearing will be held 11th February 2019 in relation to key features of the aged care, quality, safety and complaints system, how that system works in practice and at a general level. Further information on upcoming hearings can be found here



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