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Somerton Aged Care


Somerton is located in the residential, seaside suburb of Somerton Park. Approximately 12 kms south west of the city centre and a short drive away from the beach and nearby Marion Shopping Centre.

Our Home occupies one level of the multi-storey building at Somerton Park and is home to 74 residents who enjoy single and twin companion share accommodation.

Healthy, delicious meals are prepared by our head chefs and food service teams and served where you prefer.

At Somerton we are proud of the reputation of excellence that we have built in the local community. Our highly qualified and experienced staff work around the clock, every day of the year giving you the comfort and security of knowing someone is on hand to provide care and services as and when needed.

We recognise the importance of offering variety and meaningful activity that complements our residents’ individual lifestyle preferences. A diverse schedule of activities led by our lifestyle team can be tailored to meet individual needs - the choice is always yours.


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Talk to the manager of Somerton
Julie Brooks


Grainger Road
Somerton Park
SA 5044


08 8376 3802