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Pendle Hill Aged Care


  • ‘Sale of the Century’
  • Ball Games
  • Bingo
  • Concerts
  • Dart Competitions
  • Exercise Classes
  • Fun with Bean Bags
  • Gentle Massage
  • Golf
  • Hockey Competitions
  • Ice Cream Run
  • Karaoke
  • Knitting Club
  • Movie Sessions
  • Quiz Sessions
  • Reminiscing Sessions
  • Tai Chi Classes
  • Wii Games
  • Yoga Classes

Pendle Hill Aged Care

Welcome to Pendle Hill Aged Care

Located in Greater Western Sydney district, Pendle Hill is recognised in the local community for the outstanding aged care services provided to residents and families. Our Home offers all levels of permanent, respite and palliative care whilst encouraging independence and lifestyle choices that suit the needs of every individual.

Your Home

Our sunlit Home offers a variety of single, double and companion rooms that have access to courtyard views. The recent redesign of our bright companion bedrooms grants our residents the freedom of more personal space. This allows you to have more privacy to enjoy activities such as some quiet reading, whilst maintaining the pleasure of good company. It’s no secret that companionship and making new friends are key to a smooth transition into your new Home.

Our outdoor spaces that include an undercover deck perfect for family and friend catch up, hold events or just enjoy the fresh air.

Lifestyle & Dining

Pendle Hill provides a comprehensive range of Classic service offerings guided by Allity’s Live Love ShineTM lifestyle philosophy centred on supporting our residents to make every day the bet it can. These include;

  • Regular bus outings
  • Happy hours
  • Daily lifestyle activities, special events and entertainers
  • Nutritious and tasty meals prepared daily by the head chef and hospitality team
  • Entertainment and technology including Wi-Fi
  • We welcome and strongly encourage family & friends to join our residents in all of our programs

Moving In

We make your welcome experience as easy as it can be with our dedicated 'Move In' service to take care of the necessities, so that you can focus on settling in. This includes:

  • Testing and tagging of electrical appliances
  • Quality labelling of all clothing
  • Room set up
  • Welcome dining invitation for the family

Customer Testimonial

"My superheroes are the staff looking after my mum. Thank you so much to all the beautiful loving and caring staff at allity age care. The Aged Care Workers staff and Management have done an excellent job during this time. Thank you for the care of my family member. Their safety and your care is more important than my own. The staff at the Pendle hill centre are very caring and fantastic."

Book Your Tour

Excited to visit your new Home? Book a tour with us by contacting Pendle Hill Aged Care today and asking our friendly staff about availabilities. We look forward to meeting you and making every day the best it can be.


  • Continuous link with the community via Red Cross Visiting Scheme, Church Volunteers, Mobile Library, Work experience, etc.
  • Entertainers and Special Events
  • Laundry services located at the Home
  • Meals are cooked onsite by qualified staff.
  • Palliative care
  • Permanent & respite care
  • Qualified nursing staff on hand 24 hours / 7 days per week



Large Single


Large single room overlooking the courtyard. Temperature and air flow control with wall fan and wall heater. Provision for wall mounted television. Shared bathroom.

Size: 15m2

Payment Options Amount
Maximum RAD $350,000
Maximum DAP $78.15/day
(Additional Service) $6.00/day
Combination Payment
80% RAD $280,000
20% DAP $15.63/day

Single Room


Single room overlooking the courtyard. Temperature and air flow control with wall fan and wall heater. Provision for wall mounted television. Shared bathroom.

Size: 10m2

Payment Options Amount
Maximum RAD $325,000
Maximum DAP $72.57/day
(Additional Service) $6.00/day
Combination Payment
80% RAD $260,000
20% DAP $14.51/day

Companion Double - Large


Well lit room with window and garden aspect. Temperature airflow control with air conditioning and wall fans. Shared bathroom.

Size: 37m2

Payment Options Amount
Maximum RAD $300,000
Maximum DAP $66.99/day
(Additional Service) $6.00/day
Combination Payment
80% RAD $240,000
20% DAP $13.40/day

New Companion Room - 3 Bed


Newly refurbished Companion Room with own private lounge space and retractable wall panel for added privacy. Temperature and air flow control with ceiling fans and heaters. Shared bathroom.

Size: 38m2

Payment Options Amount
Maximum RAD $275,000
Maximum DAP $61.40/day
(Additional Service) $6.00/day
Combination Payment
80% RAD $220,000
20% DAP $12.28/day

Additional Services

Entertainment & Technology

  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • In-Lounge Foxtel


  • Hot Breakfast


  • Regular Bus Outings


Respite Care – Your Home away from Home

While our Homes are known and established within local communities for permanent residential care and services, we are also experienced in providing individualised short term respite care, be it planned or due to an emergency.

What is Respite Care?

Events in life just happen, and it is in those times that short term respite can provide the help and support for carers needing a rest or elderly individuals requiring day to day care. Respite care can be planned or unplanned, and can range from a few nights to a few weeks, depending on your needs at any point in time.

Am I eligible for residential Respite Care?

Generally speaking, residential respite care is available for older persons who have carers assisting with their day to day activities and care needs. An initial face-to-face assessment is conducted by Age Care Assessment Teams to ensure you meet the criteria for respite care.

How long can I have respite care?

In a residential aged care setting, you can have access of up to 63 days of subsidised care in any one financial year. You also have the opportunity if needed to extend this by 21 days at a time.

When is Respite Care used?

At Allity, we have residents who book in regularly for respite as part of their family routine giving both the carers and the individual receiving care ‘time out’. Situations where respite care is beneficial include when:

Carers or families have holidays booked and want to ensure their loved one is well looked after in place that is familiar, comfortable and with people they know - which includes other residents and staff in our Homes.
Carers become ill or unable to provide the care and support for any length of time and want to ensure their loved one is looked after in a secure, professional and welcoming environment.

What should I expect?

We understand how distressing it can be to move away from a family home, even if it is temporary. When you come to Allity for respite care, our aim is to create a Home away from Home for our residents to make the settling-in period as easy as it can be. You can expect the same quality of care that permanent residents receive including all meals, laundry services, social activities and all of your care needs.

To find out more about Respite care options, you can contact a Home near you or send us your details and we will be in touch to assist any way we can.


Aparna Gamit

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