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Medina Manor Aged Care


Welcome to Medina Manor Aged Care

Medina Manor is located in Thornbury within the heart of Melbourne's North West. Our home offers all levels of permanent or respite care and is recognised for its expertise in caring for people living with Dementia.

As a secure dementia specific Home, Medina's care services are focused on creating an environment that supports residents in living fulfilling and stimulating lives where they can continue to thrive.

Along with our own dementia consultant, we have culturally appropriate/linguistic dementia trained staff who are recognised for their consistent achievement of benchmarked standards within dementia care. Our approach is centred on encouraging residents to live independently while providing assistance as required across all activities of daily living.

Moving In. We make your welcome experience as easy as it can be with our dedicated 'Move In' service to take care of the necessities, so that you can focus on settling in. This includes:

- Testing and tagging of electrical appliances
- Quality labelling of all clothing
- Room set up
- Welcome dining invitation for the family

Family members and friends are always welcome, and are an integral part of the warm community feel of Medina Manor.

A letter from Simon Hauser, son Vern Hauser:

"I just wanted to say thank you to you and all the staff at Medina Manor. Vern was only there a short while, but it was the first time in three years that I wasn’t anxious about him and felt that he was getting the care that he needed. He had a tough time with dementia and towards the end of his life he needed specialised care to keep him calm and secure which Medina Manor provided very effectively. Visiting an aged care home is not necessarily a pleasant experience, but I found the atmosphere at Medina Manor to be very welcoming, bright and peaceful".


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Talk to the manager of Medina Manor
Roz Nolan


200A Smith Street
VIC 3071


03 9290 6400