Helpful Links

Bladder / Bowel

Bladderbowel Department of Health and Ageing website information to assist with the prevention and management of bladder and bowel problems


Vision Australia website
(see also Macular Degeneration)

Blood Diseases/Disorders

National Blood Authority Australia website

Leukemia Foundation Australia website

Haemophilia Foundation Victoria website

Fact Sheet on Anaemia - Better Health Channel website

Blood Pressure

Information about Blood Pressure - Healthdirect Australia website

Heart Foundation website
(See also Heart Disease / Heart Health)

Bone Health

Bone Health Foundation website

Healthy Bones Australia website - An Osteoporosis Australia initiative

Osteoporosis Australia website

Information about Bone Health - Healthdirect Australia website
(See also Osteoporosis)

Brain Injury/Disorder

Brain Injury Australia website

Brain Foundation website
(See also Parkinson’s Disease,Stroke) 


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