All Allity homes play a proactive role in their local communities and neighbourhoods and recognise the importance of working together and sharing experiences across the many different backgrounds, cultures and generations.

We create opportunities for local community groups to participate or assist in running activities with us. Sometimes it is just sitting down and listening to the many stories of lives and times gone by, all of which are just waiting to be shared with anyone eager to listen.

We are committed to building and promoting the profile of our Aged Care residents - they are the teachers of our future leaders and communities. With programs such as Allity's Write of Passage - My Memoirs, we deepen the connections of our residents with school students through a structured and meaningful program to ensure the wisdom, history and knowledge of the past will be lessons for the future.

 My Memoirs

 It is not always about what happens inside our Allity homes, but also ensuring residents continue to maintain their community links and relationships. Whether it be concerts, fetes, markets, garden shows or sporting events, our homes regularly connect with their local communities to keep ideas fresh and maintain variety for our residents.

We invite all families and friends to be part of our resident-community engagement programs in our homes as well as offer our assistance and expertise in aged care to the community at large, in any way we can.