Staying Active


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Staying Active

At Allity we pride ourselves on ensuring our residents have rich active lifestyle’s this includes keeping our residents physically fit through exercise programs, Tai-Chi, Yoga. We also encourage residents to stay mentally active through quizzes, crosswords, storytelling, and reminiscence.

Each of our Homes has an individualised lifestyle program tailored to our resident’s interests, passions and backgrounds.

Our dedicated lifestyle staff design and implement lifestyle and wellness programs according to an holistic needs model, with focus on the Physical, Social, Emotional, Cultural, Spiritual, Cognitive and Sensory aspects of wellness. Resident’s choices and independence are promoted at all times, and residents are also encouraged to maintain their life in the community, engaging with community activities and clubs, groups.

Our programs aim to deliver on our vision to “Make every day the best it can be” for every resident. To achieve this, we recognise that it cannot be a one size fits all program, therefore maintaining variety and range of activities is essential.

Our lifestyle programs can include, small to larger groups, one to one or as part of the wider community.

They range in type and desired outcomes for our residents and can include:

  • Arts and Music: Art Therapy, Ballet and Theatre
  • Exercise and wellness: Yoga, Tai- Chi, Hydrotherapy Exercises
  • Skills and opportunities to Learn: Computer classes, Crosswords/ Quiz, Cooking classes
  • Pet Therapy
  • Social and Community: Storytelling, Entertainment, Festivals

Above all, Allity lifestyle and wellness programs aim to provide choice and encourage our residents to stay active in mind and body.