COVID-19 Status


In the event of an Allity Home confirming a positive COVID-19 result, we will ensure updates relating to specific Homes will be provided here to ensure you remain informed.

There are no confirmed case of COVID-19 in any Allity Home or affecting any of our staff.



Allity Visitor Access Policies

With the variation in directives across different states/regions, this page will be updated to provide a summary of the latest information relating to Allity visitor policies and restrictions for each region.

Policies relating to visitor access are implemented based on the advice of health authorities, government updates and identified community risk.

To assist our Homes in providing the safest possible environment for visits, we ask that all visitors continue to adhere to the Home’s booking, and screening processes to continue to maintain a safe and COVID-free environment.


As at 25-June 2020


Aligned to the Industry Visitor Code

  • Children under the age of 16 years are able to visit residential aged care facilities subject to influenza vaccination requirements



Aligned to the Industry Visitor Code

  • Children of all ages can now visit. All visitors, including children, must follow any restrictions. This includes visitor numbers, physical distancing, influenza vaccination and personal hygiene.
  • As directed by NSW Health, until further notice, staff and visitors who have travelled to Melbourne in the previous 14 days will not have access to aged care Homes



The risk of community infection has proven to remain a threat. Our Homes in Victoria will therefore be tightening their visiting restrictions. This means that only Essential visits will be allowed for residents who are:

  • Undergoing end of life care
  • Experiencing extreme emotional and/or mental stress
  • Have a clearly established pattern of involvement from a visitor in providing their care and support as an essential part of their care plan

Children under 16 are unable to visit unless they are visiting a resident who is receiving end-of-life care and in the company of an adult.

Essential visitors will be required to complete our Pre-visit checklist and we ask that you monitor your own health status over this critical time and if you feel even mildly unwell, please do not come into the Home, even if the visit is considered essential.



Aligned to the Industry Visitor Code

  • Children under the age of 16 years are able to visit, provided that they have had their flu vaccination (babies under 6 months are exempt from the flu vaccination requirement).
  • Groups of residents cannot go on external excursions (e.g. a group of residents cannot be taken on a day trip to the beach).