Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS)

29 March 2021
By Glen Hurley, Chief Operations Officer Allity



Supporting residents to continue to live engaged and fulfilling lives in a safe environment that is free from abuse and neglect, is a top priority for all aged care providers.

What is SIRS?

In response to this imperative, the Serious Incidents Response Scheme (SIRS) will be introduced by the Australian Government and come into effect on 1 April 2021. The aim of SIRS is to reduce the risk of neglect and abuse for people living in residential aged care homes, as well as promote an aged care system that empowers consumers, develops safer systems of care and instills a culture of safety and quality.

The Scheme will require aged care providers to identify, record, manage, resolve and report all serious incidents that occur, or are alleged or suspected to have occurred in a residential aged care service.

Compulsory reporting in aged care is already a legislative requirement. However, the range of serious incidents that are reportable under SIRS is broader than those currently required. Importantly, aged care providers will be required to report incidents of abuse and aggression between residents, including where the resident who commits the incident has a cognitive or mental impairment.

What is reportable under SIRS?

Reportable incidents include:

Under the SIRS framework, an allegation, suspicion, or witness account of any of the above serious incidents must be reported to the Commission.

At Allity we have reviewed our operational processes and practices to ensure all staff are informed and educated on the requirements of SIRS.

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