Royal Commission into Aged Care

29 March 2021
By Tomás Chubb, Chief Executive Officer Allity


Royal Commission into Aged Care

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety released its Final Report earlier this month. The report is the culmination of two and a half year’s work involving over 10,000 public submissions, 12 community forums and 99 days of hearings.

Titled ‘Care, Dignity and Respect’, the report contains 148 recommendations intended to transform the Australian aged care industry and ensure the provision of high quality care to all who need it.

Many of the conclusions drawn and recommendations put forward to address problems are sound. The Commissioners recognise that parallel improvements are needed in the overall design of the aged care system, definition of high quality care, provision of trained workforce to deliver it, regulatory oversight and of course the financing required to pay for it.

However, overall the report has been disappointing. It was hoped that the Royal Commission would deliver three key outcomes:

  1. A coherent vision for Australia’s future aged care system;
  2. The costings necessary to determine how to pay for it; and
  3. A roadmap for implementing the necessary reforms

Unfortunately the Final Report falls short on all three outcomes. The Commissioners were unable to reach consensus on a number of key issues leading to disagreement and inconsistencies in around a third of their recommendations. No costing information was provided at all – leaving open the question of whether the nation is willing to, or can afford to pay for what has been proposed. Consequently, further work is required from the government before we can proceed.

It is vital that the current opportunity for reform is not lost. Allity is an ardent supporter of an improved aged care system that can deliver the needs and wants of our senior citizens. The Australian Aged Care Collaboration group is running a campaign to encourage Members of Parliament to support comprehensive reform of the aged care system. If you also think “It’s time to care about aged care” you can sign the petition here.


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