It’s all about your Lifestyle

23 July 2019
By Glen Hurley, Chief Operating Officer


It's all about your lifestyle

In our last edition (May 2019) of Topicks our article “Your loved ones are in good hands” gave readers insight into the important Clinical roles within our Homes and their responsibilities so that our residents and families can identify who is best to speak to with specific questions, feedback and suggestions.

In this edition we introduce you to an equally important service that is provided hand-in-hand with the clinical specialists and carers to make sure our residents' lifestyle goals, needs and preferences are met.

Every employee in our Homes has responsibility for providing the services and supports for daily living which are important for our residents’ health, wellbeing and quality of life. This means recognising that every resident is unique, and should be encouraged and supported to do the things they want. In other words it is all about Lifestyle.

Working in tandem with the Care Manager is the Lifestyle Services Coordinator, together they coordinate their team of Carers and Lifestyle Services Assistants to assist residents to participate in the activities that they choose.

The Lifestyle Services Coordinator will provide leadership and quality management within the Lifestyle Services team, making sure Allity’s 8 Elements of Holistic Wellness are incorporated into the Home’s weekly program of activities, These elements include: Emotional, Spiritual, Independence, Cognitive, Social, Physical, Sensory and Cultural preferences for our residents.

In the instance where the Home does not have the knowledge or skill to provide a specific service/program activity, then it is our Lifestyle Services Coordinator and Assistants’ responsibility to discuss any specific needs and assist by making recommendations to external providers or organising for the providers to come into the Home.

Along with daily administration tasks that support the smooth functioning of the Lifestyle services, the Lifestyle Services Coordinator will also attend Care Consultations, particularly in relation to developing the individualised care plans for residents and facilitate the Resident and Relative meetings.

In every Home, there will be a team of Lifestyle Services Assistants who report directly to the Lifestyle Services Coordinator and are responsible for the day-to-day tasks conducted to ensure residents’ individual lifestyle goals, needs and choices are met. This includes helping residents to maintain connections with the wider community, pursue individual interests and hobbies, participate in new experiences and by encouraging independence.

“Allity has long recognised that lifestyle goes beyond providing basic food, shelter and bingo, and we are heartened by the introduction of the new standards, which aligns our purpose,” says Chief Operating Officer Glen Hurley.

“We are looking forward to partnering with each individual residents to ensure that they maintain their positions as dignified, happy and independent participants within their broader families and communities.”   


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