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7 May 2019
By Stephen Wiblin, Head of Clinical Strategy and Development


MedicineIn the first edition of Topicks, we took you through the details and high occurrence of polypharmacy in Do you know your medicine. This article also introduced you to a new elective medication service, Thrive, which Allity Aged Care will be offering in partnership with leading Australian medicines review company, Ward Medication Management. This service uses DNA testing to determine the most appropriate and personalised medication regime, based on available genetic markers and enzymes.

Allity have been trialing the Thrive medication management service with a small group of aged care residents since 2018. Positive outcomes have been achieved with reductions in the number of medications required for the residents and improvements to their quality of life.

Allity resident Adrian, enrolled in Ward MM Thrive to reduce the number of regular medications he was taking. His case study details the process and the success he has had from using the service. Adrian’s family share their story in this video.

Allity will roll out the elective Thrive service out nationally across its 45 residential aged care homes during 2019.


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