Medina Manor Update


28 August 2020

All results have been returned from the latest round of testing with all residents and staff tests returned negative for COVID-19. We are now awaiting confirmation from the DHHS as to the next steps in returning our Home to normal operations.



27 August 2020

Awaiting round three test results. So far, all have returned negative, as such there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our Home.



25 August 2020

Test results have been received for second round of testing with all residents and staff confirmed negative for COVID-19



21 August 2020, 5.30pm

We are relieved to know that having received the test results for our first round of staff testing all employees have returned a negative result for covid, including all individuals that have been identified as close contacts of the original covid-positive case.

Testing for residents and staff will continue as per the direction of the DHHS with another round occurring today. This was due to have occurred yesterday (Thursday 20-Aug), but was delayed until today. We will be contacting families as the results come through.

Currently there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Home.

We continue to keep our resident’s experience front of mind as they are currently limited to remaining in their rooms. We are consistently grateful for the creativity and passion of our lifestyle team who have been exploring activities from one-on-one craft sessions, to helping our residents build their own individual potted gardens, both of which have been met with much enthusiasm.

As always, your continued encouragement and patience as we navigate this process is truly appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to discuss any concerns or questions you may have when we catch up on our daily calls.



19 August, 2020 4.00pm

We are truly thankful that all test results for residents have been received and are all negative for covid. We are now awaiting one more result for a staff member which we expect will come back sometime today.

We have also had confirmation from the DHHS that the next round of testing will be held tomorrow (Thursday 20-Aug) for residents and staff.

Currently there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Home.

We are very aware that asking our residents to remain in their rooms at this time can be an immense challenge. Our lifestyle team and chef are working closely together to come up with initiatives and ideas beyond what is already in place to ensure we are providing whatever is needed to maintain every individual residents’ wellbeing under the current constraints.

We are extremely grateful for the support and understanding of our families and particularly your wonderful words of encouragement. Please don’t hesitate to discuss any concerns or questions you may have when we catch up on our daily calls.



18 August 2020, 5.00pm

Testing for residents and staff was completed yesterday by the DHHS. The majority of tests have already come through for residents and staff and thankfully are all negative for covid so far.

Currently there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Home.

During this precautionary lockdown period, we recognise that families and staff may feel anxious, and until we are able to confirm the Home is officially cleared by the DHHS, there will be lots of questions.

Two areas of concern attracting wide media attention are staffing and the availability of PPE.

We want to assure you that we have stable staffing across our Home, and this is reviewed daily as a priority with a central Outbreak Management Team (OMT) to ensure we have our rosters filled as well as looking into the days ahead as well.

At the core of our Infection Control practices is the correct use of PPE and importantly the availability of supplies as and when we need it. During the precautionary lockdown, daily stock counts are completed and reported back to the OMT to ensure our supplies meet a minimum of 1 week’s requirements. We have our own stock securely in place here at Medina as well as having a central Allity supply that can be delivered to us within 24 hours. In addition, if needed we are able to order from the government stockpile.

Please be assured that we will continue to provide families with daily communication through this update and also through regular check in calls from the Home to discuss any concerns or questions you may have relating to loved ones.



17 August 2020, 4.00pm

In keeping with the Department of Health’s advice, Medina Manor, like all aged care homes across Australia, has a risk management plan in place for COVID-19 which we have previously implemented as a pre-emptive measure here at our Home.

In addition to our usual processes and protocols for infection prevention and control, we have taken extra measures to protect the health and safety of our residents and employees. This includes all employees being required to wear masks at all times when working since 13 July 2020.

Despite these additional safety measures, on 13 August, a staff member developed covid symptoms and went into self-isolation straight away, and was tested on 14 August. They unfortunately returned a positive test result on 15 August and contact tracing was immediately undertaken to identify close contacts.

Currently there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Home

As such, Medina Manor was put into Precautionary Lockdown with our COVID-19 emergency response plan activated and all staff now in full PPE. A deep clean of the Home will also be completed today in line with our infection control practices.

The local PHU and the Department of Health and Human Services have been contacted and will be providing guidance to the Home on the next steps to ensure any potential risks are managed effectively.

The DHHS conducted testing today for all residents and staff. We would expect to receive test results within 24-48 hours and will be in contact with families as soon as we receive the results for our residents.