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Your Experience - Customer Feedback

Allity is committed to maintaining open and transparent communication with our customers and encourage you to provide your feedback to help us to continually improve the quality of care and lifestyle services we provide.

There are various ways in which you can share your experiences, either directly with us at our Homes, through this website or more openly with external reviews such as Care Opinion and Google Reviews.

Here are the options available to you:

CarePage is an independent survey platform where you can provide a service rating and feedback on the different areas of our Homes. Simply ask your General Manager for the Home’s iPad and select the survey you would like to complete. The list of focused surveys include: Food Quality, Tour Experience, New Resident, Permanent Resident and Respite Resident Surveys.

Allity has also chosen to include the Consumer Experience Report (CER) Survey which is used by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission when assessors review our Homes every 3 years for re-accreditation purposes. By implementing the CER into our day-to-day processes, we are able to stay in touch with how our consumers are rating our services in a live environment and ensure alignment with the Commission's tools used for re-accreditation.

You can go to your specific Home’s landing page on this website, click the CarePage Banner at the bottom of the page and start our Consumer Experience Report survey.

Of course you can always choose to write us a letter, send an email or speak to our General Managers directly, whichever way you prefer.

Care Opinion What better way to find out about a service than through other peoples’ experiences. Care Opinion is a not-for-profit review website that provides consumers with the opportunity to publicly voice their experiences whether positive or negative in the Health Care space.

If you have had a good experience at an Allity Home or think that we need to improve on anything that you want others to know about, then jump to www.careopinion.org.au and post a review.

Allity is aware that there may be times where you may wish to provide feedback anonymously. We are committed to protecting individuals who wish to make a report or provide feedback in good faith, be it instances or allegations of unlawful or unacceptable behaviour that is related to Allity. It is important that you feel comfortable and confident in letting us know.

‘Whispli’ is a new reporting process which will enable anyone wishing to speak out in a protected environment the opportunity to do so. We are expecting Whispli to be available in April 2019.