Careers at Allity



We have opportunities available for various roles within the Allity network!

For each position vacant, contact details are usually included in case you would like more information or would like a confidential chat about what we’re looking for. What we do ask is:

  • Make sure you read the advertisement carefully – our requirements will be included there.
  • If we say something is essential for the role we really do mean it, so to increase your chances of success make sure you meet all of the essential criteria.

For management or specialised roles we can organise a tour of the Home or office you might be thinking of working from. If this is you, then contact us, we would love to meet you.

Steps to applying for an Allity role:

  • Complete the online application form – don’t skip any questions.
  • Keep your resume to 3 pages. We are interested in hearing about you, being concise is key
  • Keep your cover letter to 2 pages and let us know why we’d be mad to not offer you the role!