Keeping an active lifestyle

Allity's business of aged care's key priority is to provide quality care to all residents in a safe, secure and stimulating environment. There is a focus at all sites to offer a positive ageing experience to all residents, and the Primelife activity programs play a key role to enable the residents to enjoy a happy and challenging life.

Allity aged care sites pride themselves on the level of activities that are offered to their residents throughout the day. Each facility has a team of Activities Officers, whose primary role is to assist the residents in keeping their minds and physical capabilities, as healthy as possible. Socially, this can be a highlight for residents, who genuinely enjoy the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities with a group of new friends. Although all residents are encouraged to participate in the activities which are being conducted, it is an ‘opt in’ process, so their independence and lifestyle choices are respected at all times.

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Maintaining your interests

Some of our fantastic activities include - bus outings, card games, walking groups, shopping trips, coffee stops, arts & craft, yoga, men’s groups and gardening. We celebrate calendar events like Australia Day, Anzac day, Mothers Day and Melbourne Cup. Current affair updates are provided daily. There are church services, visiting entertainers, concerts, movie sessions, happy hour and footy tipping. There is so much to do ... if you want to!!

Often the activities we offer are influenced by the residents themselves, who complete a comprehensive Lifestyle Questionnaire on admission. The responses are then utilised by the Activities Officers to develop their programs. The Questionnaire summarises the resident’s cultural, medical and religious background, which also enables our staff to accommodate a smooth transition into the facility, and respond to any issues accordingly. We want to encourage the residents to keep up with the activities that they enjoyed prior to admission, so we will provide for their wishes as much as possible within our Activity Programs.

Residents playing volleyball

A busy social calendar

If you would like to know more about the activities at any of our Allity Aged Care sites, please call 1800 243 2273 and arrange to have a look at the facility of your choice.